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A letter to the future
Dear Future Me,
This is a letter from your past.
You may be reading this a minute after you (me) have written this or you may be reading this years after when you're looking amongst old files and such
just wanted to take the time to make some sort of correspondence... it may seem a little idiotic or bothersome but it sounds like a pretty good idea now
I'm writing this letter to ask a few questions..
you can choose not to answer them though
Did things work out with that person I've been seeing recently?
Did you finally get that new book you saw in the store and was the semi-outrageous price tag worth it?
Did you even read it?
How happy was your birthday? (oh and by the way, happy belated/advanced birthday?)
How are you?
How was your day?
If things aren't going so peachy, that's okay.
If things are amazing, that's still okay.
It may sound silly coming from a past person to a future person but....
from the way things are going now, you're probably a pretty swell person :)
Things are going
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ocean studies for the young
I am not big enough to hold my breath for long
Not old enough to go far underwater
not strong enough to go too far out sea
not smart enough to see angler fish swim
but I am small enough, young enough, weka enough and dumb enought
to go where mermaids sing, creatrues dance, waves crash and sea witches cry
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how lipstick queens kiss
Promise that the stars will never shine as bright as they do tonight
              so stoplights will refuse to lighten the skyline
         limelights will flicker, flashlights will dim, eyes will shut
                               and never sparkle again
            Keep it dark enough to feel like your underwater
                 but with enough glitter to keep breathing
                          for kisses are far more delectable
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Telephone Wires
and the telephone wires just keep hanging on
passing on calls until the last ring is gone
don't raise your voice love, just speak to me low
and the telephone wires just keep hanging on
but nobody notices, we just keep moving along
hang up the phone love, and don't bother coming home
I've packed up your bags, they are right by the door
oh please don't plead now love, could you be any more slow?
no more tears please love, just leave me alone
and the telephone wires just keep hanging on
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The final performance
Cigarette smoke fills the air
Nicotine wafts into the noses of the performers but they don't seem to mind
They were either used to it or were smokers themselves
Thick makeup, garish costumes are put on
Routines practiced for days slightly forgotten
The main performer is late
yet the show must go on
The curtain is raised
The extremely eccentric emcee welcomes the crowd
Jokes are cracked, songs were sung, butts were slapped
yet they all know who the crowd is waiting for
then suddenely, miracle of miracles the star is here
bursting on to the stage as the music swelled
Performing her heart out (even though it was not practiced)
The emcee knows not what to do yet he plays along
The crowd has fun
The performers are relieved
and soon enough the final curtain falls
The crowd applauds and leaves the dingy club
except for one man
who walks backstage
A swastika prominentely on displayed on his armband
The was the final cabaret performance of that small dingy club
in the heart of berlin
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This is the first entry made in a long time.
I did say that there ws stuff in the works before but never went through with posting them.
I didn't want to
My works started to sound condescending and arrogant and even though I am really that condescending and arrogant, it seemed better to depart from that seeing on how there's a lot of money in being humble.
Compared to you people who are busy fighting global warming, sky diving and protecting the world from zombies, I was busy doing absolutely nothing with my life. It seems incorrect to say nothing though as nothing can become something but whatever.
Right now, my head is cluttered with half-baked concepts, ideas that will never see the light of day and different ways to make fun of people (fish whale blubber creature anyone?)
Trying to segway from being snobby to not-so-snobby can be hard.
I'm trying to do that right now though
and I sense I'm failing
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Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned
I have killed my own kinsmen
and I will kill more
I've stolen weaponry from the corpses
Ambushed their camps
burned their tents
taken everything that could be taken
I've gone against God
I've said His name in vain
and damned Him to the darkest regions of Hell
I no longer pray the Our Fathers and Hail Marys
My lips have forgetten the words to the novenas and the rosary
My feet no longer know the floors of a church
I've led uprisings
and commanded a guerilla army to Pryyhic after Pryyhic victory
and having my men suffer loss after loss
Forgive me, Father
for I have sinned
Forgive me
for I will sin again
Forgive me
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Before the demise
What do these words mean to you?
Are they simply strings of words to fill up the pages of dictionaries?
Replacements for basic terms to give a feigned intelligence?
or something else all together?
Too long have I looked down on my peers
thinking that I am better, simply because I had an education
that I could go to Europe and America whenever I felt like it
Money, Influence, Recognition
I had it all
and it made me "better"
Alas, that arrogance proved to be baseless
as now, I am simply another face
another one for the bolo
Just because one lives in an expensive loft in Makati
doesn't mean they do not turn to ash when caught in fire
Just because one is a Madrigal,an Ayala, a Zobel or a Dantes
doesn't mean they are not subjected to loneliness, self-loathing or desperation
I moved to the city to get away
away from a place called Rosales
from the big hacienda owned by Don Vicente Asperri
and a small barrio called Sipnget
but then it pulls me back in like it alw
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Dazzle and Excess
Sparkle, Glitz and Flash
Those three words are the main reasons we go here
For the jewels you'd show off
For the smile you'd wear
For the all the champagne you could drink
For the Rock and Roll Lifestyle
For the type of things you'll display on MTV and E
For the sex, money and smack you'll help glorify
For the attention of a million cameras
For your face in every picture worth existing
For your name to be plastered on the front of every tabloid
Sparkle, Glitz and Flash
Words they use to lure you
Promises they gave but never granted
Cover-ups for Shame, Regret and Bankruptcy
No Diamonds, No Cubic Zirconium, Not even Glass
Just plastic and the cruel southern Californian streetlights
You should've stayed in Massaschusetts.
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Oh Alice
Alice, oh, Alice
what happened to you?
A smile like diamonds you used to have
Hair the colour of gold
Alice, dear Alice
You just faded away
It started with wonderland
then the looking glass
Hatter, Chesire, that stupid caterpillar
Red, White and Card
Alice, my darling Alice
Did you have to go away?
You've left me here
In a place where stars do not shine
Alice, oh, Alice
Do you realize how much I hate you now?
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a new one, now with no feeling
i have no idea what to write
it's just that the creativity is flowing through my veins and it needs to get out
but it just can't
Cartoons are playing in the background yet it does nothing to alleviate the feeling of being unable to work
I speak to a friend or two
One helps
the others oblivious
see someone I know on
but refuse to talk to him
He's busy
and besides, every conversation is pretty much a game of 20 questions
oh nope..he's busy
Leave the guy alone
Still speaking to the helpful one
She always manages to be cool
yet the feeling is still there
so I work
I write
this is what I write.
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WIP-Art Project :iconchedang:chedang 1 7
Come to terms
Immortality can get a little lonely sometimes
You have nothing to do
For you've done everything
No one to talk to
For all your friends can no longer remember you
Or have gone to the great beyond
Face is too young for your memories
Experiences too old too apply
So you do nothing
Nothing but that routine you've long gotten used to
A routine you've grown to despise
The soft rains on the streets of Toronto echo
Such sweetness they bring
and such bitterness they harbour
You hate yourself for making that deal with the devil
You hate your youth for taking the years for granted
You hate those around you
You hate those who have died
those who have yet die
and those yet to be born
You take another swig of your whisky
not caring about the alcohol destroying your liver
Look around you
Everyone here has a chance to seek out their dreams
yet deny those chances for comfort
They try to defy the years
and fail miserably
You go home and start to cry
for you've finally come to the realization
that even t
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Tchaikovsky's got nothing...
There's a different level of understanding that occurs
Something so phenomenal
so fantastic that even the best of the literati can put into words
Take a look and you can easily spot it
in the flutters
the sparkles
and the grace
It's not all grand
at times it stays on simple lines
and in the soft notes that the scent of freshly brewed coffee from across the room brings
We must stay rooted in reality though
For even our sweetest moments
could not level with barbed wire
We fight
We spat
We argue
It's alright though
because after all that
We forgive
We kiss
We make magic
That's right
We don't make love
We make magic
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The woods. :iconchedang:chedang 3 1
Most days I like to cry
I'm happy that way because it's something I like to do
to cry and cry and cry and cry
until my tears ducts run dry
or until there's nothing to cry about
The latter is not really valid because there's always something to cry about
Whether about poor little boys drowning in rivers
or over spilled milk
Life is good
Life is a bitch
Either way, I just really like to cry
So if you see tears running down my cheeks
Do not try to comfort me
for I am doing what I like
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'There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend... One day the black will swallow the red.'
-taken from a wikipedia article about the play "Red" I think it's in the play or by the person the play is based or by the person who wrote the play.

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